This New Skyscraper Looks Like a Penis (Photos)

Not too long ago, we showed you the Sherwin House. You know... that house in Sydney designed by Stan Symonds.

The one that's shaped exactly like a dick.

Well, if you've been having wet dreams about that private residence ever since, you might want to brace yourself: It turns out that dick-shaped dwelling isn't the only sexy structure arousing people's interest.

According to Metro, London is adding another soaring building to its skyline called "Spire London." Apparently, a lot of people are saying this new skyscraper looks like a giant penis.

Skyscraper Center

No, really. I'm serious: This 67-story schlong even comes complete with its very own set of balls.

Of course.

In fact, the shape of this building is so painfully obvious, many are actually proposing the name be changed from Spire London to something a bit more fitting.

Like, you know, Towering Innuendo or Crystal Phallus.

Skyscraper Center

Chinese company Greenland Group is behind this suggestive design. And apparently, building a massive, penis-shaped skyscraper doesn't come cheap. This project is estimated to cost $996,720,000 (£800 million).

The company will begin erecting this schlong-shaped skyscraper in the Isle of Dogs later this year, and the construction is expected to be completed in 2020.

Skyscraper Center

If you're looking to stroke your ego by becoming one of the cocky residents of this new building, you'd better have a big bulge in your pant pockets.

It will cost you at least $741,310 (£595,000) to score one of the 765 luxury apartments in London Spire.

Skyscraper Center

But hey, living in an opulent penis building does have it perks. This racy residence will feature all sorts of awesome amenities, including an infinity pool, a gym, a movie theater and a cocktail bar.

Seriously: If that's not enough to make you jizz your pants from excitement, I don't know what is.

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