Here's The Spider Catcher You Never Knew You Needed


There is literally nothing I hate more than spiders. Snakes? Bring 'em on. Sharks? Fine.

But spiders? F*ck no. I like to think of myself as brave, but when I see a spider, it's game over.

In all fairness, I've had more than my fair share of terrifying spider encounters, so my fear is well-founded — but that doesn't make it any easier to get rid of them when they come crawling into my home.

Fortunately, the folks over at Insider have developed a pretty genius solution for catching the creepy-crawlies. (Their spider catcher does not involve mercilessly killing them, which is my usual MO.)

The tool, called the “Critter Catcher,” sweeps up the spiders and traps them, only releasing the eight-legged freaks when you want it to.

Check out the handy tool up top — and be sure to keep those damn spiders the f*ck away from me.