Makeup Artist Transforms Herself To Look Exactly Like A Snapchat Filter

With its aggressive campaign of releasing the best filters graphic design can create, Snapchat has easily become the most entertaining social media platform around.

There's something addictive about being able to add rainbow vomit to your selfies, or swap faces with your cat with little more than the press of a button. But, of course, utilizing these fun filters is only feasible when you're actually using Snapchat.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could edit your face in real life? Well, one Snapchat fan sort of did.

After the new “drag queen” filter came out, makeup artist Mayra Isabel wanted to see if she could mimic the effect in real life.

Using her standard beauty tools — and an assortment of unconventional products, including Elmer's glue — Isabel was able to perfectly recreate the over-the-top filter.

Watch her tutorial up top.

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