Awkward Snap Map Shows Guy's Actionmoji Stuck In The Mud And Twitter's Loving It


Since its launch on June 20, Snapchat's newest feature, Snap Map, has continuously ruffled feathers around the world.

The cartoon-like map is designed so users can see what their friends (and exes) are up to in real time by pinpointing their location with a so-called Actionmoji.

It's rightfully freaking people out -- but recently, it's given Twitter users a good laugh.


Of course, police have started warning parents about the potential dangers associated with the app update.

Wisconson's Germantown Police Department recently posted an official warning on their Facebook page, providing instructions to turn on Ghost Mode. Otherwise, they said,

[Snap Map] can give you the area, town, and street and if you zoom in enough, it shows the house on the street layout.

No, thank you.

However, UK-based Twitter user @ALBY_LAD (his real name is John, according to Buzzfeed) is here to remind us that an awkward Snap Map can be worthy of a lighthearted giggle.

Apparently, John and his friend Dave* (not his real name) were trying to snap some cool pictures of ferries in Liverpool.

They're both into photography, but Dave was willing to lie down in the "sludge type mud" for a unique angle.

Sadly, their photo adventure took an unfortunate turn when they realized Dave was stuck in the mud.

The duo called for help, and it was at that moment when John took the opportunity to document Dave's rather sticky situation.

He grew curious, and opened up Snap Map to see where the new feature would show his pal Dave's Actionmoji... and it was accurate AF.

Snap Map showed Dave's Actionmoji sitting in the water, which is kind of alarming (and hysterical) if you don't know what Dave is actually up to.

Twitter was understandably in hysterics at Snap Map's accuracy.

I'm guessing real Dave wasn't feeling a thumbs up in this instance.

Following a few concerned comments, John followed up with the good news that Dave is alive and well.

Remind me to never lie down in sludge... not even for an insanely good Instagram.