Siri Actually Has Spot-On Descriptions For All Of Your Favorite Emojis


Is there any limit to Siri's knowledge? No, seriously.

Have you ever wondered if Siri could describe every emoji known to man?

Well, she can -- and she just proved it. In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Motor1, Siri's flawless communication skills are tested in one of the most intricate ways.

We're taken inside the cockpit of a brand new Honda equipped with Apple's CarPlay technology where Siri reads out every single emoji featured on an iPhone in the most poetic way.

The video, which is nearly 30 minutes long, gives viewers a good look at exactly how many emojis there are. A few hundred seems about right. But it's not...

Try 1,064 to be exact. Yeah, that's A LOT of emojis. But Siri makes remembering every single one look super easy.

In addition to describing every emoji, CarPlay also allows drivers to have their text messages read out loud to them, organize their music playlists and get directions. It's like having Siri ride shotgun with you.

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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