Genius Shop Owner Uses Homemade Flame-Thrower To Attack Robbers (Video)

A pair of robbers in Queensland, Australia were outsmarted by a clever shop owner who used a makeshift flame-thrower to defend himself.

Convenience store owner Dan Rigney was working alone in his Alexandra Hills shop early Saturday morning when two masked males entered with guns.

Rigney, thinking on his feet, grabbed an aerosol can of bug spray and a lighter off the counter to create a homemade flame-thrower. Pointing the aerosol can at the robbers, Rigney “opened fire,” sending a jet of flames directly their way.

The robbers were temporarily thrown off by Rigney's defense, giving the shop owner an opportunity to jump over the counter and escape out the front door. Though the thieves were able to ransack the register — they stole approximately $481 — Queensland police confirm an investigation is underway.

Security footage from the shop shows Rigney's brilliant attack. Take a peek below (and, you know, don't try this at home).

ABC on YouTube

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