Shameless Couple Caught Having Sex Up Against Bank's ATM As Crowd Gathers


When it comes to having sex in public, people are getting pretty damn ballsy these days — pun intended.

While some adventurous couples prefer to get freaky in the wilderness, others would rather get down n' dirty in the company of cold, hard cash dispensers.

I mean, there's nothing hotter than an endless flow of money, right? (Kidding.)

Two lovers in Mexico obviously agree, because they had passionate sex alongside a row of ATMs in the corner of a bank, using one machine to prop themselves up.

Like I said before: BALLSY AF.

The careless pair was filmed by an eyewitness on Saturday, February 25 at a bank in Oaxaca, Mexico. Apparently, they were so caught up in the moment they didn't even realize the crowd watching them from afar.

Needless to say, If I was waiting to dispense money from these ATMs, I'd definitely leave and find a different bank.


The couple couldn't care less about who was waiting to dispense their money, or what kind of crowd was gathering outside. They definitely weren't private about their lovemaking.

Not only did their sexcapade last several minutes, but they stripped down to almost nothing in broad daylight.

In the footage, the woman who's holding onto the ATM for support is lacking a shirt, and her outfit is pulled all the way to the ground. Her bae has a shirt on, but his pants are on the floor.

These guys DGAF they're in a bank and not a bedroom.


To make matters even more awkward, it's been reported the bank is across the street from an education authority.

Because of the location, rumors have sparked the lovers are actually teachers taking time off during a strike.

EEK. For the sake of their careers and their overall reputations, let's hope they aren't teachers and their identities aren't exposed.

Regardless, I don't think they'll be allowed back in that bank anytime soon.

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