Couple Filmed Having Sex In Public Get Awkwardly Interrupted By Police

by Harley Tamplin

"Baby, you know what would be soooo hot and a great idea right now? If we have sex right here in this park in the middle of the day!"

That's (probably) how the convo between these two lovebirds started — but their encounter ended in possibly the most awkward way imaginable.

That's because they were interrupted midway through gettin' it on by the police who rolled up.

The couple apparently got down to business in Argentina, and DGAF they were in the middle of an empty park, next to a busy road, on a bright day.

And, of course, they were being filmed as the whole thing went down.


Posted online and given the brilliant title of "Police cock block," the video beautifully illustrates what happens when you're bumping uglies in a park and the police turn up.

Spoiler alert: It's not ideal.

The couple don't seem to have a care in the world as they get down to about a minute and a half of pure, no holes barred, doggy style, on a blanket by a tree.


But when the cops roll up in a truck, everything changes.

The man appears to spot the car coming and it's an instant mood-killer — he just gives up while the guy behind the camera shrieks excitedly.

However, the cameraman is on the wrong side of the action, and the clip disappointingly finishes too soon as the truck blocks out what happens next.


Now, I would say police interrupting your sex session is the ultimate cock block, but it does raise an important question: How do we define a cock block?

If the act is already taking place, can the cock be blocked? Think about it.

And more importantly, why is there someone always creepily filming this stuff?


Seriously though, what were these two thinking? It's the middle of the day, in a very public area. Ever heard of subtlety, guys?

In the comments section, people debated what the officers might have said, with one person suggesting, "Drop your weapon, sir."

Sadly, we'll never know. But it's safe to assume the couple were pretty embarrassed.