Everyone's Talking About This Police Officer's Sexy Headshot

After this police officer's headshot went viral, the internet collectively reacted like this:

World, meet #OfficerHotStuff, or so he's been unofficially dubbed by Facebook.

Whoa, I'd call this guy "Mr. Steal Yo Girl," but stealing is a crime, so he'd probably have to arrest himself.

Although, then he'd be handcuffed and maybe some people might find that seductive in a "Fifty Shades of Grey" sense.

In order to prime attendees on the forthcoming Tennent's Vital music festival in Belfast, the Police Service of Northern Ireland posted a lengthy message about safety.

However, the only message that seemed to stick was how fucking hot Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton is in the photos attached.

In this pic, Bobby's like,

Girl, you better not drink and drive, boo. Don't make me use my baton, K? No, uh-uh, ain't talkin' bout dat one. Wink.

Oh dang, this Ben Affleck lookalike would make any Gone Girl go... "Girls Gone Wild." I'm sorry. That was awful.

Here's Bobby the Bobby looking like he's about to drop the most fire mixtape of all time.

When it comes to these visually arresting pics, Singleton is making everyone question if he's single.

In fact, the post has been shared over 3,000 times and has over 2,000 likes.

One person wondered if he was available for parties. Yeah, if your party gets a noise complaint, he'll be there for sure, so crank those tunes up!

Another person said,

He can arrest me any day.

It's pretty clear when it comes to Facebook, everyone is like, "Do we have the right to remain silent, Bobby? Because you take our breaths away."

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