Mom Posts The Most Relatable Story About Her Son Catching Her Having Sex

You know what? Sometimes, sex just doesn't work. It gets awkward, sloppy or downright hilarious.

But bad sex is just bad sex: You laugh about it, rub it off and go for glory the next time... UNLESS YOUR KID HAS HEARD YOU.

That shit will mess you up.

This is what happened to Mel Watts. She wrote all about it in a Facebook post, and it'll make you cringe very hard.

Basically, she burst into hysterics during sex, and told her partner there was a danger that she would pee all over him.

The words, "Well, that was a waste of a load" and "That was the worst" were exchanged. Mel fears her child may have heard it all.

He's 9 years old. So, picture a 9-year-old saying this to his mother: "Could you possibly keep it down when you have sex?"

I'm mortified.

She replied, "Sure, buddy. I'm sorry."

I can't. I mean, how can you even respond to that?

Obviously, the only thing to do now is wear one of those chastity belts and never have intercourse again.