Schools Ban Clown Costumes After Instagram Posts Creepy Threats: 'Y'all Next'


Clown costumes have been banned this Halloween across schools in the New Haven area of Connecticut after a menacing Instagram account emerged.

The account, @newhavenclown, has posted a series of terrifying pictures along with threats in the captions appearing to target individual schools. One reads,

And another names a few other schools:

A spokesperson for the school district told the New Haven Register there is no threat to schoolchildren, but the costumes are to be banned this year as a safety measure.

Schools spokeswoman Mercy Quaye said,

The school stated,

It goes on to say it takes these "incidents very seriously" and the situation will be monitored over the coming weeks.

Reports of clown sightings are increasing in the lead-up to the spooky holiday.

A video emerged over the weekend showing two young guys running away from a clown in a wooded area. However, you'll be pleased to see it looks pretty damn fake, as do many of the reports:

Random Viral Videos on YouTube

Earlier this year, letters were sent out to residents in Greenville, South Carolina, warning them children should be kept indoors at night due to chilling reports of a clown lurking in the woods.

That letter is legit, but there are no reports of arrests in connection with this supposed sighting.

Also, don't believe the news story about a clown shot in the head in Fort Wayne, Indiana; there's no truth behind it.

Happy holidays!

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