Savage Girl Ditches Date During Movie 'To Be Around Someone Better Looking'


Internet dating is hard — very hard — like, too hard.

I'm not talking about erections, I'm talking about emotional difficulty. I know it sounded like I was talking about boners. I wasn't. That's not the joke I was making.

OK, just wanted to make that clear — not a boner joke.

Internet dating is harder than Big Foot's boner. That's a boner joke.

Highest up on the list titled "Why Internet Dating Is Harder Than Big Foot's Boner" is that you don't actually know what the other person looks like, which means that upon first seeing him or her, you often get a shock.

Sometimes the person is worse looking, sometimes (seriously, this happened to me once) he or she is better looking and sometimes your date is just different looking. It's par for the course.

Still, there is a polite way of handing disappointment in the physical characteristics of your internet partner (there is absolutely nothing wrong with not being attracted to someone because of how they look, because, I mean, obviously) and there is a rude way.

The woman that Twitter user @Ronoo_ went on a date with (as he explains it) chose the rude way.

He posted this screenshot of a text he received from her while at a movie after she went to the bathroom.


Yeah, apparently, he was too ugly to literally sit next to in the dark and watch people shoot lasers at other people. Damn.

Needless to say, he was not happy about this at all. Although, his reaction to it is, in my opinion, pretty problematic — or, to use a simpler word: lame.

He sent a series of Tweets out about what happened.

First of all, he stops calling her "shorty" and immediately begins calling her "bitch," because, when faced with rejection or female cruelty, the American man reverts to the tried and true strategy of misogyny:

Bitch told me she wanted to see the movie. I picked her up and everything. Payed for the tickets and the food. And then this.

He elaborated on this particular point for a while:

This bitch smoked my weed, got high and my supply, LET ME PAY for the movie and everything and then left.

Now, to be clear, it does not matter if you buy a woman a house and pay off her parents' mortgage, she owes you exactly zero. And ALSO, be honest, if someone is going to offer you weed and pay for your "Rogue One" ticket, you're going to take it. That's just human nature.

But still, just watch the movie and tell him you have to go home because, uh, literally anything other than "you're not hot enough."

Bitch I'm ugly on twitter and in person what the fuck is you saying?

Pretty funny.


Well, yeah. Exactly. Very important lesson.

Romantically, women owe you nothing, dude. Literally zero, and don't think for a second that it is any other way.

But, again, being mean is being mean. And, if what he says is an accurate portrayal, she was mean — even if she just told him that to his face and didn't escape during the movie and text him. That would've been better.

Another option: "Not really feeling this, I'm going to go eat Indian food."

Of course, this is only from his point of view. For all we know, this dude might have been a total jerk and if we'd actually been there we would've done exactly what she did. Alas, we may never know.

And the trip part is I wasn't even tryna fuck. I was just tryna show her how I function. Smfh

Better luck next time. If he's telling the truth, I feel for him.

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