Dancing Santa Performed A Savage Death Drop Like It's NBD

It's like the classic Christmas carol goes:

From the window to the wall, to the sweat drops down my jingle balls.

Who knew that Santa Claus could sleigh all day like this?

Performer Maji Claire is to thank for this very special holiday gift, which she uploaded to Facebook on Saturday.

I knew Santa dropped off presents, but who knew he could death drop, too?

Personally, I'm trying to memorize these moves to bust out at my company's holiday party next week.

Where can I cop a Santa Claus outfit on such short notice?

What other sick moves has Santa been hiding?

Will I finally get a pony this year?

Is Mrs. Claus spiking his eggnog or is there just not a lot to do at the North Pole on the off-season except to fa-la-la-la-fall down to the floor?

Maybe that's what Mrs. Claus is into though.

I've heard a rumor that while everyone is busy putting up their stockings, she's taking hers down after watching her man vogue on the dance floor.

I'm sorry if I am ruining your image of Saint Nick here, but everybody has to get their holly jollies somehow.

He may work one night a year, but he probably twerks a lot more than that.

Maji Claire refers to her Santa character as "Santa Cunt" instead of the more traditional "Claus," but everyone has their own version of the man in red.

I do think that such language may warrant a spot on the naughty list, however.

It's no coincidence that he named his reindeer "Dancer."

If the Santa who rings the Salvation Army bell danced like this, I bet he would receive a lot more tips -- I wonder if this extremely talented performer would be willing to volunteer her time for a worthy cause?

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