Guys Are Hitting On The Cowboys Fan Whose Revenge On Her Ex-Fiancé Went Viral


30-year-old Brenna Clanton was dumped VIA TEXT MESSAGE by her fiancé just a week after buying him some unreal seats to a Dallas Cowboys game scheduled for December 26.

In the breakup text, Clanton's fiancé told her their relationship needed to end because "they had nothing in common."

Needless to say, she was pissed.

But all anger and hurt feelings aside, what was she supposed to do with the tickets she had bought him as a Christmas gift? Sell them and spend the day in her apartment, watching the game by herself like a pathetic loser?


She decided to seek revenge by going to the game with the best sign I've ever seen.

Her fiancé dumped her VIA TEXT before finding out she bought him Cowboys tickets for Christmas. She's doing fine.
— Alex McDaniel (@AlexMcDaniel) December 27, 2016

The sign reads,

My fiancé dumped me in a text message. He should have waited until after Christmas. #ESPN #MNF #NothingInCommon #ghosting

Did you catch that third hashtag? #NothingInCommon. OOH, BURN!!!!!!

As you can imagine, people have had LOTS to say since the photo (taken and Tweeted by Alex McDaniel, Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Eagle) went viral...

Of course, there were some haters.

Like this guy who claims he sat near her at the game:

@AlexMcDaniel @avi_zaleon @SportsDayDFW We sat close to her at the game. Let's just say her boyfriend probably made a good choice. — 2A Tam (@2ATamara) December 28, 2016

And this guy who thinks she looks "pretty stupid":

@AlexMcDaniel She looks pretty stupid-putting her personal business on nat tv. I dump you by text and I care about your Cowboy tickets? — perry n crenshaw (@pncrenshaw) December 27, 2016

And this guy who's a big fan of the caps-lock feature:

But she also had some big-time fans.

Like this guy who thinks she's total wifey material:

@AlexMcDaniel what a failure. You find a chick who likes sports and buys you tickets, you do everything you can to make them happy. — no sleep (@dupe_3) December 27, 2016

And this guy who thinks anyone not trying to get with her is a total idiot:

@AlexMcDaniel I'm sure guys in the stadium saw her sign. If they're not trying to pick her up, they should be considered a moron like her ex — Ray Johnson (@RayJohnsonWWE) December 27, 2016

And this woman who knows exactly what she's going through:

@AlexMcDaniel @avi_zaleon @SportsDayDFW bless her gumption - my husband left my via text just AFTER I gave him his birthday present. Men! — Jo Menzies (@JoMenzies12) December 28, 2016

And this woman who reassures her she's better off:

@AlexMcDaniel You are better off w/out him girl. Best of all to you for happiness in your life, much love your way. — BGSU Lady (@BGSULady) December 27, 2016

And this guy who thinks she deserves some free tickets:

@AlexMcDaniel @avi_zaleon @SportsDayDFW cant believe Jerry Jones dosent send this fan some post season tix. — mark kraft (@markkraft66) December 29, 2016

Finally, she even got some suitors out of it.

Like this guy who appreciates her gift-giving skills:

@AlexMcDaniel@120Sports If she's looking for a new guy, I'll take a woman who buys her man tix to games — Ed Headlam (@ThatsHeadlam) December 27, 2016

And this guy who thinks she's beautiful:

@AlexMcDaniel @avi_zaleon @SportsDayDFW wow I can't believe people are acting like she wrong & personally I think she a beautiful woman — Billy Jones (@pastmasterjones) December 27, 2016

And this guy who I think just asked her on a date?!

@AlexMcDaniel I'm a packers fan and would love to go to a cowboys game with her. — Dic Dillinger (@DicDillinger) December 27, 2016

Brenna Clanton may be single for now, but it doesn't look like she'll be single for long.

Which begs the question: If you were dumped in a savage way, do you think you'd share your revenge with the world?

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