Rescue Dog Feels The Comfort Of Bed For The First Time In Her Life

You know the feeling: It's been a busy day of non-stop action; you haven't had a chance to sit, and you cannot wait to hit the hay. You walk through the door, kick off your shoes, throw on some sweats and curl up under the comforter.

You know the feeling: It's early in the morning; you wake up startled, thinking you've overslept, but you have two hours before the alarm goes off. You snuggle back up in the sheets and doze off into a deep sleep.

Being in bed is one of the best feelings in the world. And it's a feeling rescue dog Millie just recently experienced for the first time in her life.

At 7 years old, bull terrier Millie has finally been introduced to a bed in her foster home, where she'll stay until she's adopted from Pibbles & More Animal Rescue in Binghamton, New York.

Seven years is a long time to wait before indulging in the great satisfaction of taking a load off, and Millie's reaction shows us just how good it feels.

Press play on the video above now, and click it again every time you need a quick pick-me-up or to be reminded of how the little things in life often bring us the greatest joy.

And when you're ready to have a sweet dog like Millie trotting around your home, adopt, don't shop!