This Python Eating A Possum Upside Down Is Your New Nightmare Fuel

by Hope Schreiber

Sometimes you're the possum, and sometimes you're the snake.

You're just minding your own marsupial business, thinking about the next trash can you're going to raid as you dream of children clinging to your back someday, when something just straight-up eats you.

And other days, you're eating a furry animal that eats mostly garbage.

Basically, life is a lose/lose... but especially if you're being eaten or trying to eat something upside down. (Eating upside down is very difficult.)

Uh, worst keg stand ever, am I right? Instead of cold, frothy beer, you have a ringtail possum in your gullet.

Two tourist sisters, Simone and Michelle Hunjak, were enjoying their time in Australia (because of-fucking-course it's Australia) when they witnessed a python trying to eat a possum upside down in a tree.

Michelle said,

I really love snakes so it was amazing to see the feeding in person. I had no idea they would be able to eat something like that. I was more intrigued and excited rather than scared.

The two sisters watched the python try to fight gravity for 15 minutes as a crowd joined them to watch, suggesting there is very little entertainment in Byron Bay.

Michelle added,

I would have loved to stay and watch the whole thing.

Apparently, the sisters had more pressing matters to deal with than witnessing a possum become a meal.

It is believed the snake was a carpet python, which are not venomous.

Dan Rumsey, the head reptile keeper from the Australian Reptile Park, says it's normal for large-bodied pythons to eat food seven times as big as their head.

He added,

They aren't venomous but they have teeth, so they'll use their teeth and their constrictions to consume their prey. It's pretty common for pythons to feed on possums, as larger food items are more beneficial so they don't have to eat as regularly. They love trees, people's houses and suburban areas in general.

So, thanks Dan. Now, I know pythons love trees and houses, and I am literally safe nowhere.

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