This Puppy Playing With A 'Star Wars' BB-8 Toy Is The Cutest Thing Ever


No joke, this puppy acted the same way I acted when I first met my "Star Wars" BB-8 toy.

There is a good chance last year we were all introduced to the greatest toy of all time. No, I'm not talking about Minions Monopoly. I'm talking about Sphero's BB-8, the loveable lil' ball of impressive tech that syncs to your phone.

You can go on missions with it, and it talks to you, and you can control it. It's amazing. It's like a Furby but not super sh*tty.

Plus, unlike a Furby, BB-8 won't murder you if toys ever come to life. (This is a theory I have about Furbys that I'm convinced is accurate. If some weird magic happens where all the toys of the world come to life, Furbys are the first to betray us in an attempt to cleanse the world of humans).

Last year, I bought a BB-8 Sphero, and this was exactly how I acted when I unboxed it. I basically jumped around, barely touched it and giggled for five minutes while my co-workers watched.

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