This Pumpkin Spice Latte Purse Is Cute AF And You Need It For Your Fall Wardrobe

Betsey Johnson

With Fashion Month well underway, those of us who are equal parts style- and PSL-obsessed deserve a wardrobe staple that honors both necessary things. Well, picture the clouds parting ways and the fashion angels descending from the heavens, because a pumpkin spice latte purse by Betsey Johnson is here to satisfy your most #basic needs. Not only does the roomy cylindrical crossbody bag resemble a real-life PSL from Starbucks, but its price point isn't too shabby, either. Prepare yourself, fellow pumpkin spice fanatic, and keep reading to see every angle of the giant latte you'll want to tote around all season (runway show invites or not).

The Kitsch Pumpkin Spice Crossbody

Basically a latte-shaped bucket bag, the Kitsch Pumpkin Spice Crossbody retails for a reasonable $78 on That's the equivalent of — if we're getting fancy with the math here — about 18 tall PSLs from Starbucks, which cost around $4.45. Considering this is a wardrobe addition and not a beverage that'll be gone as soon as you've taken the last sweet sip, I'd say it's worth the investment. Plus, win-win: It has a handy gold chain strap, practically ensuring your mitts will be free for coffee holding.

Functionality and affordability aside, Johnson has really outdone herself with the design elements on the Kitsch Pumpkin Spice Crossbody. The final product is adorable. Team Betsey describes the must-have like this:

Take your love of the pumpkin spice latte to the next level with this playful round crossbody. Its shape reflects your favorite drink as the perfect fall accessory.

I'm already sold based on that glowing description, but in the spirit of zooming in on all the details, let's take a closer look.

It says Pumpkin Spice Latte on the front...

Betsey Johnson

... in Johnson's signature style. The white bag is adorned with gold studs and swirly (very autumnal) pumpkin and leaf illustrations. A pink lipstick stain is even featured on the lid like my actual coffee cup right now!

It says #ILOVEYOULATTE on the side.

Betsey Johnson

So cute. So Insta-ready.

It says "sugar spice and everything nice" on the back.

Betsey Johnson

Johnson even took a playful jab at the fact that baristas are always misspelling people's names, as "Betty" and "Janet" are crossed out in bold black ink above "Betsey."

It's lined with a printed fabric.

Betsey Johnson

Inside your coffee cup, there's, well, coffee. But inside your coffee purse, there's a rose-printed fabric ready to envelope all your on-the-go essentials.

Instagram user @emileechristinee shared a photo of her Kitsch Pumpkin Spice Crossbody (a gift from her mom) beside Starbucks' venti iced PSL, captioning it with the dream order: "Hi, yes, I'll take a Pumpkin Spice Latte to go with my pumpkin spice purse." I mean, I would do exactly the same thing. According to the comments on her post, her mom found the bag at Macy's, so it's in stores, too!

People on Twitter are equally enthused by Johnson's fashionable ode to the fall drink.

"IM LIVING for the the betsey Johnson PSL purse."

Like, it's a necessity.

"The lipstick stain on the rim is a nice touch."

Sigh. I know pumpkin spice season can be a little overwhelming. Between PSL-inspired cough drops, deodorant, and homeware — pumpkin spice continues to evolve. HOWEVER, unlike lozenges and hygiene products, this Betsey Johnson bag is fashion. I'll say it again: you deserve it.

The Kitsch Pumpkin Spice Crossbody is available online at and, per Instagram, at Macy's. Side note: I've also got my eye on the Kitsch Strike A Pose Crossbody ($88), which is available for pre-order, studded, and shaped like a freaking camera. Help.