Coolest Principal On Earth Gets Pep Rally Lit After Crushing His Dance Moves

Guys, we found the most lit principal in America, and his dance moves are serious.

The name is Principal David Alfonso and the school is Palm Beach Lakes High School in Florida. During a pep rally at Palm Beach Lakes, Alfonso got to the middle of the floor and danced with some of his students.

The video from his performance is absolutely gold.

The most lit high school principal I EVER seen — . (@Jerrzz_) September 29, 2016

Yes, that's Alfonso, in the midst of all those kids, dancing like he's one of them and absolutely crushing it.

Oh, and the music they're dancing to? That's the TZ Anthem challenge. It takes no more than a minute to do, but it's like 10,000 dances in one.

All the whipper snappers are doing it these days (and, for the most part, only the whipper snappers) which makes it even more impressive that Principal Alfonso could hang.

And the thing is, he clearly rehearsed it prior to doing the pep rally.

He was ready once the beat dropped. He was definitely ready once it was time to juju. He was ready for the slide and the running man.

He was pretty much ready for the whole thing and he held the microphone throughout the whole song like a G.

As he was dancing, you could hear the crowd getting more and more hyped. As a matter of fact, I was getting hyped watching it just now.

Best believe your boy was boppin' his shoulders in the office while writing this.


And you already know every teen watching this video is wishing Alfonso was their principal. How can we be so sure? Because practically every teen who commented on the clip was saying just that.


Need I say any more? Principal David Alfonso, you're a boss.

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