Guy Dressed As Aladdin Rides Real-Life Magic Carpet All Over San Francisco

Who needs a magical genie thousands of years old who can turn sentient objects into whimsical flying creatures when you have the power of electronics?

The YouTubers of PrankvsPrank are the masterminds behind this modern-day retelling of the Disney classic "Aladdin," and it's pretty dang cool. If the world was full of motorized flying carpets instead of those dumb hoverboard things, I think we'd all be a lot happier.

There is a behind-the-scenes feature if you want to watch and learn how this was all made, but it kind of ruins the magic a bit. This is like meeting Barney's accountant or the legal department at Pixar.

So, watch if you really want to, but just know, you'll never be a child again after seeing it.

BFvsGF on YouTube