Police Officers Caught Having Sex In Cop Car And Ignoring Robbery


It's a police officer's duty to protect the people.

However, two Argentinean police officers recently decided to ignore an incoming alert for a robbery in order to have sex in a patrol car.

Yeah, talk about screwing around while on the job.


The two unnamed police officers are now facing disciplinary action after someone recorded a clip that shows the officers having sex in a cop car as they ignore the robbery alert on their radio.

The video shows the female police officer pausing for a moment as the call comes in over the radio, alerting the police officers to report to a crime scene.

However, instead of throwing on their sirens and racing over to the scene of the robbery, the female officer continues to go up her male partner's shirt.


In the video, you can see the female officer block her partner's mobile phone with her hand to stop him from filming their inappropriate activities while on duty.

However, she then appears to allow her male partner to record them as they have sex in the police vehicle.


The authorities launched an investigation after the mobile phone footage was brought to their attention.

Police were able to identify the two officers in the clip as a result of the police badge that can be seen on the female officer's arm in the video.


The two cops caught having sex in their patrol car turned out to be officers from the police force in Rosario, Argentina.

There is no word on how the video clip was made available to the public.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Security of Santa Fe, responded to the incident in a statement that said,

The Ministry of Security of Santa Fe informs, with regards to the video in which two police officers appear having sex in a patrol car, that the Violence and Institutional Office of the local State Prosecutor's Officer led by Karina Bartocci, has been informed. Also a disciplinary probe which will involve the suspension of both officers has been initiated. We condemn this extremely offensive incident for the people of this province, given that we're dealing with public servants on duty who should be protecting the lives and security of our people.

Apparently, this isn't the first time Rosario's police force has been wrapped up in a scandal.

A video surfaced in the beginning of the month that showed two female police officers making inappropriate comments after seizing a marijuana plant.

The video captured one of the female officers holding the huge marijuana plant as she yelled,

Who wants to smoke this? This is what we took off someone we stopped and searched. We asked him, 'Do you want to run off home and leave us with this or do you want us to take you into custody and he wisely decided to leave it with us?' And this is what we got.

As a result of the incident, both officers were ordered to turn in their uniforms and weapons.

If that's not bad enough, a Buenos Aires police officer was also filmed snorting a white powder that was presumed to be cocaine while on patrol in December.

It looks like Argentina really needs to get its officers under control.

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