Female Police Officer Shares The Most Amazing Post About Being A Cop


A UK police officer recently wrote a Facebook post to remind citizens, despite the many instances of police brutality casting a critical lens on the force, there are still cops who care about serving society properly.

In the post, the anonymous mother-of-two shares 13 challenging memories from her time on the job and claims she is proud to continue championing those in need.

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The officer wraps up her post by merely asking for the support of her community.

She writes,

Please stick with us. Remember your heartbreak at watching those [two] little girls deliver flowers and messages to their daddy who will never come home. Remember the heartbreak of watching the parents of the murdered police officers, knowing they will never watch them get married or have grandchildren. There are thousands of them out there. Just remember them.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, the post's author claims the death of Dave Phillips, a police officer, inspired her to share her thoughts and experiences. Phillips was hit by a stolen car at just 34 years old.

She explains,

Basically, it was the video footage of Dave Phillips' daughters at the scene of his death -- along with the comment by their mum about how people should harness how they feel right now.

Tragedies like Phillips' are not exclusive to the UK. Stories of American police officers, many whom desecrated the reputation of a government institution meant to protect and serve its citizens, have shaken support for law enforcement in the eyes of many.

Encouraging the officers who respect their powerful positions and condemning the "cops who are criminals" are certainly remarks worth making.

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