Playboy Model Asked Twitter For Medical Help Before Death

During a photoshoot in Los Angeles, Playboy model Kate May fell. She was taken to the hospital for her neck pain, but she was released that same day.

The 34-year-old, who was also known as the "Queen of Snapchat," took to Twitter to ask about the pain she was still experiencing.


The model went to a chiropractor the following day. Tragically, the doctor tore an artery in her neck and it stopped the flow of blood to her brain.

The death was ruled an accident, and so far we do not know if her family will seek legal action against the doctor.

She was a single mother and leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter named Mia.


You can donate to her GoFundMe page here, and the money will be given to her daughter.

The page has already raised over $30,000. It reads,

Katie's family plans on using any money raised to help pay for education, Mia's daily life and to help her dad with the costs of parenting.

May was from a small town in Pittsburgh and was the youngest of four children. Her parents were teachers. She is a graduate of Ohio University and owned her own public relations firm.

She also had a denim line, SINR, which stood for Steel Inspired New-Age Revolution. She wanted to ensure her daughter could go to private school, and so she started to model.


Torn vertebral arteries, which May suffered from, are rare, but they can be caused by a traumatic injury or when blood becomes trapped between the layers of the artery wall. They're a common cause of stroke in younger people.

People who experience a torn artery normally feel a stabbing, sharp pain in their neck, head, eye or face. It can occur for hours, days or even weeks before the person experiences a life-threatening episode.

Normally, they will have a stroke within 24 hours.

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