12 People Who Don't Give A F*ck About Having A Thigh Gap


Model Iskra Lawrence recently posted a thigh gap fake-out to Instagram to prove how deceiving beauty trends can be, and boy, oh boy, does Twitter agree.

The model reminded followers,


The truth is a person's potential for thigh gappage is largely dependent on his or her natural, genetic bone structure, not weight.

That's right. There's nothing most of us can do about our rubbin', chafin', inseparable (JK, you should be able to pull them apart -- unless you're a mermaid) thighs.

Twitter is over it, TBH.

Mostly for food-related reasons.

But, let's face it, there's strength to be found in a meaty leg...

...and there are far bigger problems facing us than the breezes between our legs.

It's up to you to love your body the way it already is, gap or no gap.

To the girls and boys with natural thigh gaps: Live your best, blessed life, appreciate what you have and don't text on the toilet.

To everyone else: F*ck it. Who cares? You're adorable. Snapchat selfies while you're pooping because freedom is yours.