People Are Sharing All The Batsh*t Crazy Things Their Exes Did To Them


Ah, yes. Nothing quite like dating a grade-A terrible person.

I feel like everyone should be obligated to date at least one garbage human being during his or her life. It's like a right of passage into adulthood.

Nothing makes you more equipped to deal with this world than being romantically connected to someone who literally everyone you know thinks is the devil incarnate but you, for some reason, are convinced is deep down a holy and special person.

The Reddit community, which is kind of like group therapy for people who live in their parents' basements at this point, is sharing some awful war stories of failed past relationships, and it's pretty brutal.

Let's not give this guy a hand.

OK, so this person is just terrible at picking not-awful mates.

This is the WORST surprise of all time.

Nothing like some solid pee-pee revenge.

Ugh, that's not even, like, a top-five reason to slash someone's tires.

This revenge could have gone better.

I think it's funny if you just imagine this was President Obama. Nothing political, just funny.

All I see here is someone complaining about going to a free minor league hockey game.

Oops. Wrong text!

The lesson to learn here is, NEVER LEAVE YOUR HOUSE.

...Did you not want a cat toy for Christmas?

...Did you not want to be broken up with through a Christmas card?

What's the reverse of love? This is that.


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