People Are Saying This Pool Float Looks Like A Giant Maxi Pad


Regardless of whether you paid attention during those subtly awkward health courses in grade school, you somehow know the basics.

So, when this Pasadena Pool Float display decided to grace shoppers with its presence, there was no denying those initial, similar thoughts.

Let's float on shall we?

Before you knew it, those bleeding thoughts — no pun intended — splashed all over Twitter and paved the way to a good laugh.

You know, the benefits of social media on a good day.

Now, maybe super absorbency is important in regards to other aspects of womanly life but not sure it applies to a float. Those are two very conflicting ideas, no? To each is own.

There's no denying size matters... for comfort (get your head out of the gutter). But this huge display was a little overwhelming for some, especially if you've personally had to dabble in the world of sanitary pads.

Not sure how I'd react coming face to face with a life-sized version of something that looks like an item that has been that close to my lady parts.

The Pasadena Pool Float apparently comes in assorted colors but for some people, they only saw red.

All jokes aside, the importance is safety, right? So, if you're a lady, think of all of the times one of these may have helped you out.

This float definitely had people wondering if there was at least one woman present when this big product decision was made. Major emphasis on the big.

As long as the instructions for both the float and an actual maxi pad aren't the same, we're in good shape.

The float can be found on Amazon and Sears and even in some of those reviews, the maxi pad idea prevailed.

All in all, people absorbed similar ideas about the presentation of this floating device, but I guess it doesn't really matter what you're floating on as long as you're in the water.