These People Met After Their Ex-Boyfriends' Proposal Video Went Viral

Something pretty amazing happened at London Pride this year.

As police officers marched through the city for the parade, one policeman broke off to seek out his boyfriend in the crowd and propose to him.

The scene was magical. Here it is, in case you missed it:

Does it get any happier than this? Jeez, guys. Save some romance for the rest of us.

Naturally, people were loving this video.

Oh, yeah. People were lapping it up. But it turns out that both their exes were not.

The ex of the guy getting proposed to finally had enough of the exposure. He tweeted about it:

But Jacob wasn't alone in his misery. It turns out the policeman's ex was grieving too.

The internet can't get enough of this love rhombus. Now, everyone's trying to get the pair together.

@jumpytiny @OhHeyJacob you guys should get together — . (@allergictoCS) June 29, 2016


Oh, wait: There's one thing that could prove to be a little snag in the hitch up.

But people weren't giving up.

Uh oh. Back peddle. BACK PEDDLE.

We don't want to orchestrate a breakup and make Matt's day any worse.