Penguin Flips Out After Finding His 'Wife' With A Homewrecker Penguin

Twitter/National Geographic

If you needed a story that will both pull at your heart strings and make you laugh out loud, the bloody battle between Mr. Penguin and Homewrecker Penguin is the one.

The story, as told by National Geographic, is rather simple: One day, Mr. Penguin came home to find his wife cheating with a homewrecker, and all hell broke loose.

Twitter/Nat Geo

Mrs. Penguin was clearly being unfaithful, but Mr. Penguin wasn't gonna stand for it like a little punk. So, he did what real penguins do: He flipped out and gave the side penguin a beak down.

The wild scene was all captured in this video from Nat Geo.

A fight breaks out when a husband comes home and finds his wife with another penguin. — Nat Geo Channel (@NatGeoChannel) November 4, 2016


The video went viral instantly, with over 100,000 retweets and likes in a day, and it's easy to see why.

Everyone's reactions pretty much ran along two lines:

  1. WTF, homewrecker penguins exist?
  2. WTF, they are actually fighting?

And just so we're clear here, this wasn't some cute and cuddly matchup. As the video narrator points out, penguins can throw about eight smacks a second, which explains just how vicious the fight was from the start.

Ultimately, the first round between the two was a draw, so Mrs. Penguin had to settle the score.

The process here was pretty straightforward. Both penguins cried out a mating call.

Twitter/Nat Geo

And Mrs. Penguin had to choose whom she wanted to be with.

Unfortunately for our boy Mr. Penguin, she actually chose the homewrecker. What a scumbag!

Twitter/Nat Geo

Mr. Penguin doesn't give up easily, though. He followed them home (to his house, really). Then, he looked down their burrow and made sure round two happened.

I believe what Mr. Penguin was saying here is, "GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE, BOY!"

Homewrecker Penguin obliged, and things got really crazy after that.

These guys were practically fighting to the death.

Twitter/Nat Geo

Even after all that, Mrs. Penguin STILL looked Mr. Penguin in the eye, shook her head and told him, "Nah."


But while Mr. Penguin lost his girl, he won everyone's sympathy.

Practically all of Twitter was on his side.


Of course, there were plenty of jokes made at Mr. Penguin's expense, too.


God bless the internet.