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Parents Laugh At Toddlers Who Re-Painted House White

Growing up, we've all attempted to help out mom and dad despite the fact we just weren't asked to.

Whether it was setting the table, washing the dishes or throwing out the trash, there were plenty of little tasks we were slowly allowed to take on as we got older.

Why not, right? It's good for kids to exercise their understanding of accepting responsibility at a young age.


Two little toddlers however skipped right over all of the beginner-level chores and went straight for the task you usually take on when you're 20-something and your parents are tired AF.

Can you guess what it was?

If you said, "re-painting the entire house white," you've won yourself a gold star, my friend.

Two toddlers' parents returned home to find their kids and their home covered in white paint.

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After inspecting their first child and assessing damages on the first floor of the home, the parents went downstairs and saw this.

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Oh, shit... It was every parent's absolute WORST nightmare.

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Surprisingly, the paint-obsessed toddlers' parents weren't that upset despite the fact there was white paint EVERYWHERE.

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Believe it or not, they were laughing most of the time... Even after seeing this tragic mess.

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Yup, that's paint all over the bathroom sink and cabinet. This would likely make any parent cringe uncontrollably.

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You have to give them some credit, though. When they decided to paint the dresser, they painted each handle perfectly.

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Perhaps the REAL victim during this whole thing was one of their stuffed animals who was given a bit of a makeover.

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Can you say "oops?!"

Look, I don't know how these kids' parents were able to stay so calm throughout this entire thing, but I want whatever the hell they're taking.

I'm just going to go ahead and guess they've got a special kind of Xanax prescription for moments like this.

Check out the clip above!

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