Guy Makes His Dog's Life By Dressing Up As Her Favorite Toy For Halloween


Dreams do come true, you guys: Just ask this Golden Retriever who recently experienced a miracle.

The joyful pup was surprised by her owner, who dressed up as Gumby and completely rocked her world.

In a YouTube video posted by Ben Mesches on Thursday, you can live vicariously through this adorable dog as she gawks over her favorite life-size chew toy. According to the video's description, the dog's name is Jolene.

The adorable footage begins with Jolene chewing on her Gumby toy and minding her own business.

Then, Gumby walks into the room. She gets a little distracted.


Once she sees her owner dressed as her favorite character, Jolene stops everything she's doing. Her eyes light up.

She stares intently at the human Gumby, and highly contemplates whether or not she should approach it.

It looks to me like she just fell in love. I wish someone would look at me the way Jolene looks at Gumby.

Shortly after her dreamlike realization, Jolene walks slowly toward her owner and leaves her toy Gumby behind.

She's still hesitant, but her curiosity is too much to handle.

Eye contact has not yet been broken. THIS. IS. REAL.

Then, she carefully jumps up and tries to claim the human Gumby. Apparently, her emotions are running wild.

As her owner tries to sit down, Jolene jumps on top of him and shakes with such enthusiasm and joy, they both fall to the ground.

YOU GUYS: This might as well be a scene straight out of "The Notebook."

Look at how happy she is!

I can't handle it. I'm crying.

As the two wrestle to the ground, another dog walks in to see what's happening.

Apparently, Jolene isn't happy, and she doesn't even let the other pup get close to her beloved Gumby.

How can you blame her, though? Her favorite chew toy just came to life, and now, she's the happiest dog on the face of the planet.

This guy wins Best Dog Owner of the Year. I hope he wears this costume on Halloween and brings Jolene trick-or-treating with him.

Then again, I don't think he'd get very far.