The One Thing That Older People Regret Most Will Inspire You To Pack Your Bags

If you don't travel now, you'll regret it later in life.

A study recently released by British Airways found that approximately 20 percent of 'baby boomers' surveyed said 'not traveling enough' was their biggest regret in life.

The study polled 2,000 individuals born between 1946 and 1951. In addition to not traveling enough, a whopping 63 percent of female and 48 percent of male respondents admitted they've never owned a passport because they didn't think they'd be able to afford traveling outside the country.

Among the respondents, 'working too much' was another major regret, with 17 percent of male respondents and eight percent of female respondents saying it was their biggest.

Further findings show that losing touch with friends was the biggest regret among more than a quarter of respondents.

So, my fellow Millennials: travel far, travel often and keep your friends close. In the end, these are the most important things in life.

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