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This Badass 90-Year-Old Grandma Celebrated Her Birthday By Skydiving

Old ladies are the most underestimated demographic in the world.

Case in point: This 90-year-old grandmother straight-up jumped out of a plane for her birthday.

Granted, she was strapped to a professional skydiver who had a parachute on, but still.

Beth Roberts of Boise, Idaho decided she wanted something a little more adventurous than just dinner at the Olive Garden for her 90th birthday; Beth wanted to go skydiving.

Joined by her two sons and granddaughter, Beth jumped off a plane at 16,000 feet in the air. She free-fell for about a minute before the parachute was opened, NBC News reports.

Personally, I'd either be screaming in terror or closing my eyes and pretending I was anywhere else, but Beth seemed to enjoy herself. You can see her smiling on the way down in the video.

And what did she have to say after falling through the air and landing on the ground?

She simply said,


Wowee, indeed.

Seeming completely unfazed by the fact she just slapped death in the face, Beth reportedly told the skydiving instructor she could be back again for her 95th birthday.

That, ladies and gentleman, is a true badass.

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