Old Man Plays Basketball In Dangerous Workout Video


There's always that one guy at the gym.

You know what I mean. Shirt off, leg day skipped, doing some stupid attention-seeking workout that makes him look like a Greek god.

A video of Generic Gym Douche taking on a wildly dangerous workout has gone viral — but not for the reason you'd expect.

Nope, rather than focus on the (admittedly impressive) exercise in the clip, people can't take their eyes off what's going on in the background.

Posted on Twitter by Jasmine Watkins, the clip shows a guy doing a crazy dumb workout that could have resulted in serious injury — piling up stacks of dumbbells and doing some insane vertical push ups from the top.

Don't try this at home, kids.


But in the background, an old man is playing basketball.

Not only that, but he's doing his best Steph Curry impression, as he's calmly sinking buckets time after time.

He methodically makes all five shots he attempts in the short clip. It's mesmerizing.


My favorite moment is when the baller drains a beautiful shot, no rim and no backboard, right as the workout reaches its impressive crescendo.


I'm actually pretty inspired by this. It proves once and for all that ball is, in fact, life, and once you've got it, you never lose it.

Jasmine was quick to praise the true hero when she was congratulated on her tweet, which got more than 20,000 retweets.


Some people questioned the frankly offensive gym etiquette that's on display here.


No… it can't be… can it?


Wait, is there someone else in the video aside from the world's coolest grandpa?


Here's an idea — March Madness, Grandpa Edition.

If the old dudes are as talented as this guy, I would 100 percent tune in. Who wouldn't?

You can have that one for free, NCAA.