Everyone's Obsessed With Snapchat's New Celebrity-Themed Filter


Well, thanks a bunch, Snapchat. Thanks for another day of getting absolutely nothing done.

The app's dropping updates left, right and center. But this latest one is seriously distracting.

It's a Sia filter. Yes, a Sia wig and Sia lipstick and Sia voice.

The best part? The wig goes over your eyes so you can make a complete donkey out of yourself without giving AF.

Oh, and the song is "Cheap Thrills" — WIN.

Here are some fine examples:

Gotta show love to my girl @Sia and her new #snapchat filter!! @Snapchat #cheapthrills #Newsong — Southern Mom (@southernmomTX) July 21, 2016

Wow. People are really getting into this. I honestly didn't know that many people cared about Sia.

It's a solid use of Snapchat time. But I'll tell you what even more productive — snapping the sound of your neighbors having sex.

True story. This guy was awoken by the sensual squeals of love making at 4am and decided to get the whole thing on video.

We're glad he did. Who actually says, "Oh, I like this position." Nah. Walls can't be that thin, surely?