Obama Just Said The Cutest Thing About Daughter Malia Graduating High School

Malia Obama is graduating high school this week, and Obama explained to Jimmy Fallon last night that he's already got a pair of sunglasses picked out for the ceremony so he can hide his crying. He went on to say some really adorable stuff about her and Sasha.

“You cannot beat daughters,” Obama told Fallon, before discussing just how proud he is of his two kids.

(Funnily enough, this is also what my dad says at Thanksgiving dinner every year to family friends as my sister discusses her career accolades and I drink gravy with a ladle.)

But JOKING ASIDE, Obama is super sweet about his daughters in this clip. He talks about how, despite eight years of living the most privileged life any two people can possibly live in this world, they have stayed grounded and unobnoxious.

They've handled it so well. They are wonderful girls. They are smart and funny. But most importantly they're kind. They don't have an attitude. There's the thing Michelle and I were most worried about when we got there. We thought, how is this going to work? You got these butlers and you got, you know, a guy saluting. And it's a testimony to Michelle and my mother-in-law that they have just turned out to be incredible kids.

Honestly, it's really kind of a shock that Obama's daughters aren't total assholes. I mean, as far as getting spoiled goes, there is no circumstance more powerfully privileged than, "Well, my dad is the leader of the free world and could start the nuclear winter if you don't go to prom with me."

If it was me, I'd just be constantly whispering to kids reading "Game of Thrones" at school, "Nuclear winter is coming,” just to freak nerds out.

Of course, I'd also make my secret service agents make human pyramids and learn the entire dance routine to “Single Ladies,” which I'd then get them to perform on the North Law at the White House with no music. But, unlike Sasha and Malia, I am, in fact, an asshole.

P.S. Fuck you, Dad. Why aren't you Obama?