A 'Normal' Male Doll Finally Exists As A Body-Positive Alternative To Ken

Lately, several companies seem to be slowly coming around to the idea idealizing one very specific type of body is quite terrible for a lot of people's self-esteem.

Back in January, Barbie issued a new line of dolls that are diverse in body type and skin tone in an effort to combat damage classic Barbie did to young girls' body standards. A little late, but I'll still give it to Barbie.

But before Barbie got on the not-awful train, Lammily was a doll with a similar goal back in 2014. The Lammily doll came with heavier proportions and the possibilities of acne, bruises and cellulite. Now, Lammily is releasing a body-positive alternative for Ken, too.

Watch the video above to listen to artist Nickolay Lamm tell his own story of struggling with body image and how Boy Lammily came to be.

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