Video With NFL Kiss Cam Footage Shows Love Has No Labels


A new video featuring kisses from the famous NFL Kiss Cam at the 2017 Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida, has everyone crying happy tears in their cubicles at work.

The Ad Council's latest campaign, "Love Has No Labels," used the beautiful footage to create its "Fans of Love" video, capturing how true love has no boundaries, rules or guidelines.

And this video is honestly, like, so touching, you guys.

Ad Council on YouTube

Regarding the campaign, the Ad Council explained,

In the amazing and inspiring video, the Kiss Cam focused in on different individuals in the crowd from all backgrounds, ages, genders and sexualities.

Those individuals then happily expressed their love for one another — with kisses and hugs — and demonstrated what real love looks like for everyone in the audience to see.

The video is set to the song "Show Me Love" by Hundred Waters, and the lyrics couldn't express the Ad Council's message more clearly:

All in all, the message of love throughout the video is quite simple:

Love has no religion.


Love has no age.


Love has no gender.


Love has no disability.


Love has no race.


At the end of the video, one participant summarizes the entire video's take-away beautifully, saying, "Our love is greater than anyone's hate."

Grab your tissues, guys, and remember, LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE.

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