Hotels Are Going To Have Netflix Soon, But Maybe That's Not The Best Idea


Look, I know what you're thinking: How the hell can Netflix in my hotel room be a bad thing?

Well, just hear me out.

According to reports, Enseo, a company which designs entertainment programs for many different hotels, just obtained the rights to show the Netflix streaming service in hotels around the world, as long as Netflix is available in that country where the hotel is located.

Last summer, Marriott reportedly became the inaugural hotel chain to offer Netflix in its hotels, with La Quinta and Hilton not too far behind.

But with Enseo's latest acquisition, the expansion of Netflix in hotel rooms could be massive. According to reports, in hotel rooms which offer Netflix, you simply find the service on your television screen and let yourself get lost in hours of top-notch programming.

Apparently, hotels really like this idea because in streaming Netflix from their TVs, you're using less of the hotel's Wi-Fi. Sneaky, Sneaky.

So, what's the problem?

Am I the only one who thinks that when you go on a vacation, your primary concern should not be whether or not you'll be able to watch "Stranger Things" in your hotel room?

When you're in a foreign city or a new place, your hotel room should be used for sleeping, showering and pooping.

Yes, I understand not everyone using a hotel room is on vacation. There are many who travel for work, often have to stay in a hotel room and would probably really enjoy Netflix on their business trip. But still, I think getting out of your hotel room is key no matter what the purpose of your stay.

It's so hard to unplug from technology as it is, and having Netflix in hotel rooms will only make that task all the more difficult. Call me crazy, but I don't think having Netflix in hotel rooms is 100 percent the best idea ever.

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