This 'Nazi Salute' At The RNC Set The Internet On Fire


Speech? What speech? Now Laura Ingraham's Nazi salute -- that's news.

Either the radio show host was triple-dog dared to "Sieg Heil" like Adolf Hitler, or this pose was completely accidental.

But that doesn't matter -- it's funny as hell and stole the show at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night.

You don't have to be eagle-eyed to spot that.

Some pointed out it was plagiarized, though:

You know how the internet is. Unforgiving...


...And savage, all rolled into one.

Ingraham praised Donald Trump and called out fellow Republicans who had not endorsed him yet.

She said,

Donald Trump knows that a nation without borders isn't a nation at all. But Hillary Clinton? Nah, she doesn't believe in borders. Donald Trump knows that a country must put its people first. And what about Hillary Clinton? She thinks America is just another nation in a global order.

Then, BAM. Nazi salute. What a way to sign off.

If you think people will forget this in years to come, Laura, you're wrong.

Welcome to internet history.