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11 People Who Totally Understand The Importance Of National Napping Day

Listen, I celebrated a lot of obscure national holidays in my time.

I know I always tell you each one is the most important day of the whole year. But, guys, this time it really is the most important day of the whole year.

This day makes National Cheese Day look like a boring old Tuesday. And don't even get me started on how much better this day is than Flag Day. Honestly, who cares about flags?

Ladies and gentlemen, today, March 14, is NATIONAL NAPPING DAY!

*Crowd goes wild and then immediately falls asleep*

Napping is a nearly perfect activity that is only marred by the guilt accompanying each nap. But, today is a day devoted specifically to naps, so go ahead, people. Get napping! It's good for your health! Plus, the government clearly wants us to!

Take it from these people on Twitter. They know what's up.

1. This gal gets it. She already got a head start on the day.

I've been napping all day long my brain knew that today is the #nationalnappingday — sophia (@8Sofya) March 14, 2016

2. This cat totally gets it. What an inspiration.

3. Hay, this guy's really getting into the spirit of the holiday.

4. Naps are good for you. Think of it as exercising -- except, like, the total opposite of exercising!

5. You might not look as adorable as this teeny, wittle sleeping bunny, but that shouldn't stop you.

6. Stuck at work? You can still celebrate. Just go for it. Send your boss this article if you must.

7. Power through those cups of coffee. I believe in your ability to sleep.

8. Look! Even the interns are napping!

9. Who cares about your responsibilities today? Nap them away!

10. Of course, isn't every day really National Napping Day?

11. Happy snoozing, everyone!