Mother's Moving Poem To Her Transgender Daughter Will Make You Bawl (Video)

Three years ago, Lorna McGuire realized her biologically male 5-year-old, Paddy, was transgender.

Paddy had long been interested in “feminine” things, but it wasn't until she was 5 years old that Lorna realized her son's soul was, in fact, the spirit of a little girl.

The realization came when Lorna gave Paddy her first dress.

The mother-of-two tells BuzzFeed,

As soon as she put on the dress, that's when I knew. It was a eureka moment. A lightbulb went on. As soon as she had the dress on and I saw her face, tears came down my eyes and I knew. Her face lit up. She was so happy. I've never seen her so happy in all my life.

Soon after, Lorna wrote a poem to read to Paddy when she got a bit older, to help her through the confusing and profound transition she would soon face as a teenager.

In her poem, she used caterpillars and butterflies — specifically, the process of metamorphosis — as a metaphor for her daughter's own journey.

The touching poem reads:

I had a little caterpillar, small, cute and blue He reminded me so much of you I loved him and fed him, tended his every need But he wanted to change I had to follow his lead I loved and supported still wondering why 'Til the day my boy said goodbye You spun your silk all round your shell You wove your web and said your spell The inside of your soul shone out And the real you came about I was amazed, what else could I think? No longer a shy boy whose heart would sink But a beautiful butterfly, loud, proud and pink Sometimes I miss my caterpillar boy But my butterfly girl fills my heart with joy

Three years later, Lorna felt it was finally time to read Paddy, now 8 years old, the poem.

The beautiful moment was filmed as part of a documentary about transgender youths for UK News Channel 4.

You can watch the proud mother's moving delivery in the video up top. Just be prepared to cry all of the tears.

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