This Is What Your Mom Wants For Mother's Day Based On Where She Lives

Heads up, people with moms: Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 8, five days away.

So if you haven't gotten the lady who literally gave you your life a gift yet, you better get on that.

Luckily, there's a way to figure out what kind of present your mom wants. No, it's not asking her what she wants. Where's the fun in that?

A product review company called Influenster has used the power of research and data to figure out what the average mother of 32 years old wants for her special day.

The company asked 4,600 American mothers from all over the country what they wanted and then mapped it out on a handy infographic by the most popular answer per state.


Now take this with a grain of salt, because probably not EVERY mom in South Carolina wants straight-up cash for Mother's Day. You guys know your moms better than this infographic does, I hope.

Overall, 72 percent of moms wanted gifts to help them relax, like a spa day. Fifty-three percent wanted a tangible present like clothes, jewelry or flowers.

Forty-eight percent wanted a hands-on gift like taking a class or concert tickets. And only 33 percent said they wanted DIY gifts, sorry elementary school teachers.

The vast majority of moms said they would rather receive presents from their significant others than their children. This makes sense, since most children of 32-year-old moms probably have zero money.

Honestly, even if your mom doesn't like what you get her, she'll probably appreciate the gesture no matter what.

So stop reading this and go get your mom a gift! You don't have much time left!

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