Mom's Brutally Honest Post About Being A Parent With Depression Goes Viral


Suffering from anxiety and depression isn't easy -- especially when you're a mom who's trying to stay strong for her children.

Cierra Fortner is well aware of the struggle because she penned a detailed post on Facebook describing what it's like to suffer from mental illness as a busy mother-of-two.

Her post has already accumulated over 93,000 shares, and parents suffering from their own personal illnesses related to her struggles and showered her with supportive comments.


Cierra was inspired to write the post after she took a weekly shopping trip to Walmart. While she was there, a cashier praised her for having it "all together," when in reality, Cierra knew she did not.

Apparently, she giggled at the comment which was "far from the truth," and thought about a response to the cashier on her drive home.

In her Facebook post, Cierra reveals that she suffers from a personality disorder, as well as anxiety and depression. She also admits she's a two-time suicide survivor.

The Missouri mother then touches upon the struggles she faces day-to-day while caring for her children, 4-year-old Jayce and 10-month-old Brenton.

Excerpts from her post read,

I want her to know that I can't always get myself up off the couch to feed them anything more than frozen pizza and cereal. I want her to know that my son is late for school 3 out of 4 days because I regularly forget what day and time it is, despite the toddler size calendar in my kitchen.

Cierra gets even more personal, admitting she breaks down in her bathroom and has many "I'm losing my shit" moments.

She continues,

I want her to know that I hadn't washed my hair in 3 days and my kids hadn't had a bath in 2. I want her to know that I was trying to hurry out of there because I had forgot the diaper bag at home and Brenton was hungry.

After admitting she caught her child after he fell out of the shopping cart in the Walmart parking lot, Cierra says she "doesn't have it together" and she "may never have it all together."


Her next few paragraphs read,

I don't know a mother out there that has it all together but everything we do is done with love for our children and that right there makes you the perfect mom and in our children's eyes we most definitely have it all together. From one exhausted mom to another, you're doing great, have that melt down, let your kids eat the crap out of that cereal and take care of yourself always.

After posting the inspirational status, parents flooded the comment section with support, saying things like "You're doing an amazing job," and "Momma's gotta be tough."


Although Cierra suffers from depression and anxiety, she's doing her best to be the greatest mother she can be for her sons.

Cierra spoke with Fox 4 KC about the mothers who can relate her post, saying,

No matter where you are in the world, there`s a mom out there that understands what you`re going through and it`s going to be okay.

With that kind of attitude, I think she's going to be just fine.

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