This Mom Thought She Found Drugs In Her Daughter's Room And Was So Very Wrong

Being a parent is tough. You want to give your kid space, but you also need to make sure that you keep a close eye on the things they get up to so they don't make your same youthful mistakes.

Drugs and alcohol are an especially difficult subject for parents, who know their child will likely experiment with one or the other by the time they graduate high school. Different parents display different levels of diligence when it comes to policing these activities, as it's difficult to know what the correct strategy is to encourage a commonsensical, responsible relationship with intoxicants.

One Texas teenager, Ashley Banks, posted screenshots of a text message conversation she had with her mother after her mother confronted her about finding what she thought were Evil Drug Pills.

She could not have been more wrong.

Act 1: The Accusation


You know your mom is ready to explode when she uses your first and middle name. I feel like that's the only reason parents give you middle names to begin with. Well, that and to rep your dead potions teacher.

Act 2: The Explanation


The satisfaction I feel here — seeing this type of "YOU'RE IN TROUBLE" interaction that I know so well get fixed immediately — is as big as the sun.

Act 3: The Forgiveness


Pretty sure "Idk they looked cool" are the now the most chill words ever spoken in history until this point.