Mom Shames Couple Having Sex Outside Her Home On FB


A 19-year-old mother, Lara Shoemark, was recently in the bathroom of her Somerset home when she peered through her window and got quite an eyeful.

This mom decided to shame the couple having sex outside her window in a disgusted Facebook post after witnessing their next-level PDA

Apparently, Shoemark claims the couple took shelter from the rain under an bridge that happens to be within seeing distance of her home.

What started as simply waiting around for a rainstorm to end quickly turned into the couple having an all-out make-out session underneath the bridge.


Then again, you can't really blame this couple for kissing in the rain, since it's incredibly romantic, not to mention a great way to kill time.

Unfortunately for Shoemark, things didn't stop there.

Then, the shameless couple started putting their hands down each other's pants.


Then the man lifted up the woman's skirt and started having sex with her in broad daylight.

Apparently, this isn't the first time Shoemark has seen people having a good old-fashioned romp outside of her window, either.


Shoemark says this is the third time she's seen people getting frisky near her home.

So this time, she decided to take a stand by snapping photos of the couple and publicly shaming them on Facebook.


According to Shoemark,

To Shoemark's surprise, a lot of people seemed to disagree with her post.


Many people left comments on her Facebook post basically telling this mom to chill her nips because there's nothing wrong with having a quickie in public every now and then.

The angry mother said,

Shoemark first witnessed two men getting it on in a patch of grass outside of her window last July.

Then, in September, she spotted another provocative pair having sex under the bridge in the same spot as the most-recent offenders.

According to Shoemark,

Shoemark is sick of seeing all these public loving-making sessions outside home and is hoping her Facebook post will deter other adventurous couples from banging underneath the bridge.

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