Mom Mocked Over Disney World GoFundMe


We could all use a little extra cash.

Me? I could really use about five grand for courtside Knicks tickets, but let's be real, I need a miracle for that to happen.

Someone else who needs five grand, and actually tried to make it happen, is mom-of-two Nikki Smith from Bristol, England.

Nikki wanted to reward her two daughters for their good behavior by taking them to Disney World in Florida, so she started a GoFundMe page to raise £5,000 ($6,100) for the dream vacation.

The problem is, she got absolutely destroyed by the internet.


We're talking mercilessly ripped apart.

And not only that, but in total, she only raised an embarrassing £10 ($12) before she decided to shut down the page.

She also got a tidal wave of abuse. One woman told her,

And another said,


Her appeal was shared 18,000 times on Facebook — but it wasn't shared by people happily willing to donate.

All in all, it was a pretty rough time for Nikki, 33, who told Sun Online,


She has since resurrected the fundraising page and updated it to read,

If anyone reading this has a spare five grand in their pockets, please consider giving it to me.

Like, I really, really want courtside Knicks tickets. But I can't afford it because I keep spending my money on booze, food and disappointing cups of tea.

Venmo would be ideal.

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