Starbucks Is Making Your Tea Wrong And It's An Insult To Brits Everywhere

by Harley Tamplin
Elite Daily

Back home in the UK, tea is sacred.

This tends to surprise Americans, but on a typical lazy Sunday, I could easily drink three or four cups a day.

When I moved to the US, I knew my tea-drinking habits would suffer -- but, dear me, I didn't realize just how much disrespect Americans have for classic English breakfast tea.

I'm looking at you, Starbucks. That's right, you guys are ruining tea, and something needs to change.

Elite Daily

You see, my tale of woe began in one of Manhattan's many Starbucks, when I popped in for a jolly good cup of breakfast tea.

But when I went to add some milk and sugar to my drink, something terrible was waiting for me inside.

Not one tea bag -- but two.


“Pull yourself together,” I thought to myself, as I pretended to thank the barista and fake-smiled in an incredibly polite, British way.

Desperately not wanting to cause a scene (because that's what British people do), I calmly removed the bags. Then I closed my eyes, thought of the English countryside and took a sip.

Bloody hell. This was a shameful cup of tea. And it was all down to the unwanted presence of that second tea bag.

For those of you who aren't tea aficionados, adding two tea bags is kind of a big deal.

It changes the flavor hugely and makes the drink way, way too strong.

I know what you're thinking. “FFS British guy, just ask for one tea bag next time, what's the big deal?”

For shame! Have you even met a British person before? We do not make a fuss.

The Starbucks barista could give me my tea and then punch me in the face, and I'd probably end up apologizing for hurting his hand.

And if you're thinking this is just some British guy moaning, I've got news for you -- I'm not the only one!


I'm sorry to say this, Starbucks, but as a Brit, I am more of an expert than you.

Your tea stinks. Your tea stinks because you're making it completely wrong, and there's absolutely no need for it.

Act now. Act before it is too late. Stop putting two tea bags in your cups, and make tea great again.

Elite Daily has asked Starbucks to explain themselves, and this article will be updated if they respond.