This Military Dad Surprising His Kids At School Is The Sweetest Thing Ever

Military surprise videos: the ol' faithfuls of making you go, “WHAT?!?! NO! I'M NOT CRYING. YOU'RE CRYING AT YOUR DESK, DIANNE!”

They're the perfect combination of surprises and authentic crying, something you rarely find in media nowadays. Plus, they usually take place on a baseball field or at a high school football game, so even guys have some vested interest in what's going on.

These videos have something for everyone!

The latest one of these videos comes from Newark High School in Delaware where Airman John Grieten took his homecoming after six months abroad in Asia as a chance to surprise his 15-year-old son, Joshua.

He utilizes a classic “hey, is this seat taken?” military-surprise-video technique in getting Joshua to realize he's home, and it delivers. Boy howdy does it deliver.

Get that second box of Kleenex out of the drawer as you actually get a twofer with this video. After John surprises Joshua, he heads to the lunchroom to surprise his daughter, Jessica.

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