People In Mexico Are Apparently Challenging Each Other To Snort Coke

The Ice Bucket Challenge, for all its good intentions, was commonly misinterpreted by participants as it made its way around the Web. Still, in instances where the challenge failed to raise money, it succeeded in raising awareness.

In what appears to be the spirit of the IBC, a few rich bougies in Mexico are raising awareness for how fun and cah-ray-zee it is to delicately blow lines of cocaine.

In each video, a woman nominates friends to take the “Pasesito Challenge” or “Reto Del Pasesito” and then promptly snorts what looks like a bit of that fresh llello.

In what is likely a rough turn on the stereotype carousel for Mexico, the "challenge" reportedly caught attention nationwide, and the Internet is not pleased.

YouTube allegedly removed one of the inciting Pasesito videos, claiming the clip violated its policy against content portraying “harmful activities.”

Critics on Twitter and Facebook expressed dismay over the trend.

Que tontas!! de verdad me dan tristeza Posted by Gabriela Setien Villar on Saturday, September 26, 2015

Borra tu estupidez! Posted by Pantera Moxa on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Internet advocacy took a weird turn with this particular challenge, but I'm sure there is a nation of rich, bored teenagers thrilled their stories are finally being told.

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