10 Men Reveal The 'For Men' Products They Hate With A Vengeance

The fact companies seem to think women need different products from men is a little bizarre when you think about it. From deodorant and shampoo to razors and lube, marketing teams must think of men and women as different species instead of different cultural constructions.

While women are often suckered into paying a premium for pink items, men have problems with products marketed specifically to them as well. How do I know this? Well, the dudes came out in droves to vent about sh*tty products after a Reddit user asked,

What is the most bullsh*t "for men" product according to you?

As a bonus, the users' answers are pretty hilarious. Keep scrolling to learn which "men's" products dudes simply cannot stand.

This could be our generation's revolution.

Bearglove was created to arouse and confuse.

Comment from discussion What is the most bullshit "for men" product according to you?.

Skin cancer is so girly.

It's all about smelling like a dilapidated cabin in the woods.

This dude obviously has a future in copywriting.

Nothing screams "manly" like a sugarplum made of honey and almonds.

Don't look now, but Dr Pepper is coming after you, men.

But what else could men possibly wear to man yoga?

No one wears bloomers anymore? Uh, speak for yourself...